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Spectacle lenses

Spectacle lenses set in the spectacle frames you choose look so simple…They appear no more than perfectly transparent pieces of plastic bringing you new experience through improved vision.

They look so plain and simple but they are really a sophisticated and meticulous product combining the highest knowledge of physics and chemistry. Our partner and lens supplier for our customers was chosen very carefully. Intuition and good references brought us to partnership with a great company i.e. Rodenstock. We have been relying on this partner for many years to our clients´ satisfaction.

Rodenstock means quality

Rodenstock is a brand which has been a leader in the field of eyewear and lenses innovation for 140 years.

Although Rodenstock are holders of hundreds of patents and more than 50 awards for outstanding design, it never occurred to them that they could rest on their laurels. Every day they strive to create new standards in the field of vision and comfort. And with each new product they prove their sense of innovation, unique design, top quality and excellent functionality.

Spectacle Brands Supplied: