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“If you buy a handcrafted pair of glasses or sunglasses you want to see the tiny inaccuracies such as lines, the straight raw edges of the plastic, the pins – they give character, make them unique to the wearer. The Cutler and Gross customer has always been an individual. Eccentric maybe, but a rare breed, certainly.” - Graham Cutler

This luxury eyewear brand was founded in 1969 by Tony Gross and Graham Cutler. Since the very beginning, the design studio has been located in London but their glasses are produced in their own factory in northern Italy. The glasses are made from high-quality materials and components. Manual production involves altogether 42 separate steps. Cutler and Gross eyewear has its own character and each pair of glasses is unique. Since 1982 Mary Wilkinson has been in charge of glasses design which remains extraordinary. Today the brand has shops in the UK, USA and Canada. In the Czech Republic the Cutler and Gross brand is represented by EYE-EYE.

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